Sunday, 10 February 2013

My Best Girls

My first weekend without seeing Gav and I was missing him like crazy, but seeing the in-laws (Not official...yet! ha!) made my Saturday, and then my two best friends Sam and Sara came up on the Sunday, I laughed so much that afternoon - It felt like old times. Those girls are family to me, they have been there throughout everything in my life, my happiest times and the saddest too. No amount of words or gestures will repay all that these two have both done for me and my family. And for those few hours, I sort of forgot that I was in NRU and paralysed on the left, it was like I hadn't had a stroke at all. It felt good to just laugh and be in the company of my best friends. It put things into perspective for me, I mean all the while I'm sitting here feeling sorry for myself, and these two have got enough stuff going on in their own lives but still they're here, it made me see how incredibly lucky I was to have them in my life, because more than anyone they knew me best. I don't know how I'll ever repay them, but I know I've decades ahead of me to try. Anyway, Sara was playing in the wheelchair and quite taken by the golf ball gear stick and me and Sam were just laughing at the rudies she was coming out with. Then, I was crying but not sad sad tears but happy happy tears because they were emphasising how I'd be out of there in no time, Sara was even joking about bringing her car up to my window and them sneaking me out, it was a plan we sounded super serious about doing but we figured the repurcussions would be too happy so chickened out.

Sara went and Sam stayed a bit longer, the horrible senior nurse came in and told me my wheelchair was obstructive in my room as she couldn't get passed and told me she'd be taking it out and putting it in the corridor. 'Why? I need it to get around and go to the toilet', to which she replied 'You'll have to press the buzzer if you need anything'. I felt so absolutely demoralised and humiliated in front of Sam, that t*** of a nurse had no real reason for removing the chair, and the physio's had given it me to become more independent but of course those progressive steps forward had been ruined by that witch. Even Sam agreed that it wasn't necessary for her to do that. I just burst into tears, 'don't worry Sand', Sam said, 'you'll be out soon'. And then visiting hours were over and Sam had to go, and after such a good day in those last 30 mins, it was quickly becoming one of my worst.

That night, the realisation hit that whilst certain things were incredibly tiresome and frustrating, the love and support of people like Sam & Sara etc gave me that extra push and determination that I needed.

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