Sunday, 10 February 2013

The return of the arm, sort of!

My physio team were absolutely incredible. I was going from strength to strength with their positive encouragement, so much so that one week in and we're already looking at proposing a home visit for me. Obviously I'm ecstatic, and the physio's are soon becoming my BFF's (only joking, Sara & Sam will always be my BFF's *big grin*). All this positive actioning was seeming to good to be true at one point and sure enough it was, the big old horrible doctor's were putting the dampener on my plan as they thought it was all too much too soon. I was not happy with this, I went from cloud 9 to big grey rainy cloud over my head with a touch of lightening.

What a load of dicks, I thought (sorry!!!). How can they just suddenly think they know better than the physios, I mean the physios are the ones that have been seeing me day in day out and listening to my needs so I vented and I vented and I vented to my physios - they just tried to ease the situation, they knew how best to get me out of my sad upset state, with some competitive games with the other patients. This was so much fun, more so because of all the smiles on the other patient's faces. They, like me loved feeling like normal, having a laugh and doing something fun, it was great that they were so relaxed.  And then, in the afternoon physio session, they've put these stimulators on my arm attached at the wrist, middle finger, upper arm, shoulder, upper back on the left and then at times on my neck. Then they pushed the on switch from their controls and boom, my hand lifted up, my arm was raising and my wrist was a little bit stable, and the more I was thinking about moving my finger/hand/arm, the better it was responding. It's like magic I thought, it wasn't though just clever linking between the vibrations, the nerves and the ole brain. Naturally I posted the pic online because  I was overjoyed at the dramatic improvement in this (up until now) stupid rubbish non-working arm.

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