Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Can I go yet? Pleaseeeee?

Things were on the up, my leg was far more aligned and the feldenkrais was definitely helping the arm improvements and now I was starting to get more movement in my fingers, I was able to move them slightly, there was a glitch though. Instead of moving on their own, I was only able to move them altogether. It was a start though, so I was very happy with that. And with all this positive progress, I just hope they would give me the answer I wanted on the ward round and that'd I be allowed to go home forever.

And yep, you guessed it, no such luck for me. I was deflated from this news because I was really expecting to be discharged this week. Even the physio's were confident of it. I was begining to tire of this weekly disappointment and requested to speak to the doctor and informed him that I wanted to discharge myself. He informed me that a patient cannot discharge themselves in rehab because they aren't discharged until a Doctor agrees to it. They said they would review my case and come back to me in the afternoon.

He came back at lunch but didn't give the new I had craved for so long, all he could do is look at 'possibly' discharging me next week. As you'll have probably guessed, I wasn't pleased. And from then on I only went to my physio sessions and my ot sessions, and just remained in my miserablr state. So the countdown begun on the next 6 days.

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