Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Can I go yet? TAKE #53

It's ward round day and I'm trying to keep a cool head, I mean if I am being discharged today then the celebrations can begin but if not then at least I'm not left shattered (tad dramatic I know, but that horrible feeling you get in your stomach, that's what I'd get when I was told I wasn't going home that day). The nurse came in to inform what time the Doctor will be calling so I got straight on the phone to my mum and sister who are already on their way.

They get here and the Dr and his team come in and he asks me the usual questions and I keep giving him the same answers. 'What do you want?' he asks, 'I think it's evident, it always has been' and he laughed and admitted he wasn't surprised to hear me say that. He asked the family to see if they were comfortable with it. Of course, they were and then he said the words; 'We'll get you discharged then'. I'd already had my bags packed and was ready to go but it wasn't as straight forward as that, at the earliest I'd be leaving tomorrow and he needed to get the results of the EEG before I was officially discharged. Complete FML I thought to myself, this was surely torture. I've finally been told I'm being discharged but I've just got to follow the discharge procedure. I thought that's what I'd been doing all these effin weeks. Grrr!

Next morning, the results came back from the EEG which confirmed that whilst I didn't have epilepsy, I was at high risk of possibly having another stroke in the next 6 months because of the trauma to the activity in the brain as result of the stroke. So, I was sort of out the woods or whatever that saying is. I've got to be going home now surely? Oh no, there was some kind of delay with getting the correct medication for me to leave with so my wait was prolonged. Eurghhhhhh.

Finally hours later, discharge letter in tow and all the needed medication in my bag it was time for me to get the hell out of there. It felt like I was dreaming but I finally did it. Six weeks later and I was out and whilst I wasn't 100% recovered, I was making the necessary steps forward to getting there and being home was definitely going to help that if not physically, definitely mentally.

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