Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Thank you

Whilst I know on this blog I have shared a lot of the bad experiences I had, I have never once failed to recognise all the good experiences and there were lots of them. I just want to take the time out to thank those members of staff at New Cross Hospital and West Park Rehabilitation. Also my family and friends who have been incredibly supportive and just for being there. Today, I look back on then and I can't believe how weak I was, especially as now I feel physically stronger then ever before. I'm hoping to do a fundraiser in September to raise money for stroke to give something back after they've given me my independence and me back. I'd also like to thank those of you that have gone to the efforts of sharing this blog to help promote stroke awareness, I hope that by sharing my experience that it will open up people to the whole support unit that goes into helping stroke victims rebuild their lives and how strokes impact not only the person but everyone else around them. Please share your stories as I believe there isn't enough awareness out there especially for young people too.

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