Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Sandy bubble!

Got my bubble bursted by the idiot nurse on the weekend. Fuelled with anger and hatred, I pushed myself into my physio, I told them how I was feeling. That the odd one or two nurses on the ward with power trips were incredibly patronising and condescending and that they were taking away any independency I felt I was gaining. I informed them that my mental and physical well being was being affected as I was constantly left feeling demoralised by these certain members of unsupportive staff. There was also the Dr who I first met that was wildly reluctant to let me have any overnight weekend stays at home. Enough was enough though, and I just let it out in my physio session on Monday. They distracted me by giving me more excercises to do whilst discussing what they felt was best for me to do next, they tried to reassure me that I just needed to concentrate on the positives and not let those negative things impact my recovery.

After their meetings on Tuesday, they informed me that I might be having a weekend visit home but that I needed to complete a few tests and the OT and Physio would have to go home to carry out some observations to put in place any amendments that needed to be made and that was booked in for Thursday, so I was going home (breifly) in 2 days - Mega WIN! So, I managed to complete task one which was stepping down from one step and then walking around in the outside area adjacent to the physio gym, then secondly I had to combat climbing up and down a flight of stairs. I was really nervous about this and was worried that I wouldn't be able to do it. So, I took my first step up starting with my weaker foot, then I had to manage the elevation of being up on the slant with only a rail for support, and I just kept going and going and before I knew it, I was at the top of the stairs, and I was so confident that I didn't take much of a wait before battling going down them. I was so pleased with my achievements and how happy the physio's were for me really touched me too. They trusted that I was able to do it and helped me lock into that confidence that I had hidden away, I just wanted it to be Thursday now.

Thursday morning and Jenny and Alex come to collect me, I've text mum to let her know we're on our way and they bring the wheelchair out ready for me to sit in but now I was starting to walk a few steps without being shakey, I wanted to walk there myself. They reluctantly agreed but made sure they held on to my arms to support me whil I was walking and they still packed a wheelchair in the mini minibus/van thingy they were transported me in. Once we arrived to outside my house, I could see the door and my car and I was just over excited that I didn't even wait once they helped me out the van, I just started walking ahead and took the step up to get into the house, they were impressed and so was I, it took me a while but I did it and without any assistance.

Next, was to walk around the house go up and down the stairs, seeing if I could reach my bed and looking at whether I could manage getting clothes out of my wardrobe and whether I could get into the bath. Here they identified that I would experience some trouble and so they installed a board so that I could use to help transfer myself in and out of the bath independently. Everything was looking positive and it was confirmed that I'd be allowed home for the weekend.

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