Wednesday, 6 March 2013

What friend's are for :)

Monday and I've got two days until the 'possible' discharge. I've been on my best behaviour (ish) all week and don't even really look like I've had a stroke anymore except for the flacid arm. I had movement in the hand but was unable to lift the arm yet.

I hadn't seen Gav in almost 2 weeks now and was really missing him and was venting a lot of my frustrations on him. Part of me was worried that he'd see sense and find himself a better girl with two arms and legs that worked. Thankfully though Nat came to my rescue, she could see I was upset and frustrated with everything, especially Gav so she came over and we went for fish and chips in the park. The nice nurse let me go plus Nat's a nurse so if anything was to happen I was in the best hands. It was nice to just chat and vent about everything because Nat's the kind of person who sees the good in people so it was good for her to remind me that it's a tough time for everyone involved and that Gav not being around much was down to his hectic schedule and nothing against me. That made me see that this whole thing wasn't just hard for me to deal with but for those around me too.

Anyway, after saving me from the dog off the leash, Nat took me back to the hospital and headed off. Kiran was there waiting with food and drinks and fresh clothes and my day just got even better, she was telling me how much I'd improved and that she reckons I'll be out tomorrow, I wasn't as confident though because everytime I built the excitement up, it'd come crashing down with the realisation that I'd be stuck in these dreaded four walls for at least another week. That night I was eager to get to bed just so that I when I'd next wake up it'd be ward round day y and then I'd be put out my misery once and for all...

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