Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Roll on the weekend

Gav came to pick me up and I was just grateful to be out of this place. He was shocked that I didn't need the wheelchair anymore and that I was independently mobile, he'd missed a lot in six days, and off we walked off the hospital grounds. When we eventually got to home, it was so good, I assumed my normal place on the settee, gav was giving all the head rubs in the world and mum was spoiling me with food and drink and fussing over me. It just felt so good to be home, I went upstairs to my bed and Gav soon followed after and it just felt so nice to be in my own bed, with my pillows and my cushions and my boy. He just cuddled me for ages and I'd fallen asleep, I was so comfortable and relaxed for the first time in a long while. I wanted to hold on to this feeling and just bottle it up so that I could take it with me when I was feeling rubbish at the hospital.

On Sunday though, I was just constantly checking the time because I knew that at I'd have to leave at 5 to get back in time for 6. I wasn't able to enjoy today as much because of this and sure enough at 4:30am when Mum had started to pack up all my stuff I bawled my eyes out. 'Can't I just stay' I asked, my sister just gave me the biggest hug and said she'd promise to help get me out of there as soon as because I'd demonstrated that the adjustment can be dealt with without too much trouble. That night I got back to my room and didn't even bother doing anything, I just went to bed at 6 holding onto the lovely memories I'd had with Gav, Kiran, and Mum, hoping that the next week would be the last week that I 'd be there.

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