Friday, 18 January 2013

7 days later...

So, in the past seven days, I’ve had to deal with the following:

- Being unable to walk: Doctor’s said it’d be at least 3-6 months before I could stand/walk again
- Being unable to feel anything on my left side
- Needing someone to bathe me
- Needing someone to dress me
- Needing at least 2 people to take me to the toilet
- Relying on a wheelchair for mobility
- Not being able to do my hair
- Not being able to sit

and the list goes on. Talk about a lot of no’s/cant’s.

So after missing two physio sessions because I was just too tired, I was finally given a big push to go to my first physio session with strong encourage from the student nurses. They really seemed to understand the frustration I was going through but, they also reminded me that I wouldn’t be able to get on the mend if I kept being stubborn and even offered to come in with me for support. This finally got me up, and so my rehabilitation started.

They had me doing so many exercises, focussing on my core to begin with. Using those muscles to regain some movement in my leg and to trigger the nerves. Surprisingly with sheer concentration this was working, it might not have been a huge movement but my leg was actually moving independently. I didn’t want to get too ahead of myself but I was feeling incredibly positive about this, which was the first time since this whole thing began.
Then on Monday, physio’s were so impressed with the progress I had made - I was now being transferred via Sam Hall Turner :)

P.S. All my visitors that have been, have been amazing and I was gutted when my close friend Sara’s attempt to sneak me in some peanut brittle was thwarted by Gav - Nothing gets past him. Mini grrr!

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