Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Welcome to NRU (Neuro-Rehabilitation Unit)

In all honesty it isn't the most inviting of wards, I was taken to my room and told to wait. My sister wasn't allowed in with me when they transferred me over so she had to make her way home and then head to West Park because visits weren't allowed until 6. So, I'm sitting in this room and feeling totally underwhelmed. I'd psyched myself up so much about this ward in my head from what the doctors and nurses told me it was going to be like, 'you'll get your own room', 'you'll be with much younger peope your age'. Bollocks was I, the youngest person was forty odd, practically double my age. I felt even more alienated then ever before.

In walks the doctor who tells me I will be there for a minimum of 6 weeks and then I'll be reviewed and dealt with accordingly at the time. Then after running through all the rules and procedures, 'Do you have any questions?', Me: Will I be able discharged earlier?... She informed me that it was unlikely, I was so dejected by this point that I'd fallen into a complete negative state. After hearing that going to West Park was a sign that I'd be getting better and ready to head home, it'd all be shot down and I suddenly felt like I'd taken a million steps back instead of the one or two forward I'd hoped to be making by being transferred to West Park.

Gav was working on Operas at this point so was rarely seeing or speaking to him, this made me mood even more distressed because he's not only my partner. He's my go to guy, he's the one I vent to when someone doesn't say thank you after I've them way or Topshop don't have those Leigh Jeans I wanted in my size. I felt like I'd lost my right hand man, ironic right. So, I was on the phone to my best friend Sam. She told me not to focus on the time thing and to pay more attention to getting better and listening to physios. I knew she was right but I needed to just have a strop for a bit and she was great for that because she'd let me have it but then focus on all the good points and continously reminded of where I was when this all began. That gave me the kick up the back side I needed and mummy and Kiran were here so I was pulling loads of these on my chops -----> :))))))))

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