Sunday, 20 January 2013

Food Glorius Food :|

Dinnertime :( and today's menu was cauliflower & cheese - I effing hate cauliflower & cheese (I know, what a fussy girl) so I justed opted for dessert (Jelly and Ice-Cream - Mega WIN). I was soon on the phone to my little sister Kiran to ask if she could bring a cheese sandwich for me and some more sweets. Shock to her, because for so many days I was unable to keep anything down. My best friend Sam and her sister brought me like a crate of lucozade (I'm usually a massive lucozade fan) but for some reason it was no agreeing with me. I had a sip and instantaneously a whole episode of projectile vomit ensued. The same thing happened when I had starburst and even when I tried to eat dry bread. My body was not responding in it's usually way and now I was beginning to worry, I couldn't eat or drink anything. And so for the next few days I was on a drip, this was an odd experience because I wasn't getting that hunger urge that I would normally get. I found it fascinating how that drip could provide a quick fix to my dehydration and malnurishment.

Frustratingly, the hospital staff took my sweets away from me because they felt the sweets were preventing me from trying the food. Oh, how wrong they were. But, I wasn't too fussed about the food, it was hospital after all, not like I was expecting gourmet or anything so it was fine. Thankfully though once I was off the drip and eat 'proper' food (whatever that is!) everyone was bringing me food. I think Kiran and Gav had become quite the regulars at the on-site Greggs, because that's where the bulk of my lunches and dinners were coming from except for when my fantastic mum was making food and sending it in for me and her best friend Lincoln and his wife Dips. Dips works at the hospital and used to visit me regularly on her lunches. I was always reminded of the incredible support I had, and through the toughest days that knowledge used to get me through :)

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