Friday, 18 January 2013

Can I go yet???

Mid way through week 2 at the hospital and my daily routine of asking the staff; can I go yet? is met with a disappointing ‘not yet I’m afraid, we’re still waiting for a bed to come up at the neuro-rehabilitation hospital’. Then finally on the Wednesday, a consultant from the rehab hospital comes to my ward to visit so he can carry out an assessment and informs me that I will be moving over there soon. ‘You’ll get your own room and your own electric wheelchair’ he told me with a reassuring smile. In all honesty, I was rather disheartened, being told I’d be in a wheelchair at that moment felt like I was taking huge steps back, but still the change of scenary and my own room was just what I needed as I had been struggling to get a good night’s sleep for the past 2 weeks because the ward was constantly busy. A move to the rehab hospital was one step closer to me getting better, therefore a step even closer to going home :)

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