Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Moving Day

I'm moving to West Park today, no biggie or anything. OMFGGGGGGGGGGGG I screamed with excitement to my mum and my sister down the phone - I'd been waiting so long (well just a day short of two weeks) that it felt like this day was never going to come, this was another major step forward on to my route home and more importantly my recovery :)

'I'm on my way now' said my sister. The thing I looked forward to most on my lunch times was seeing my little sister, three years my junior but boy oh boy has she grown up and matured into a beautiful humble person. She isn't usually one for soppyness but there were visits where we would just sit and talk and I'd tell her about my improvements in physio sessions and just my own mood and she would be in tears. 'Stop crying Kiwi' I said, her name's Kiran but me and mum call her Kiwi, (she eats them so often and we never thought her a kiki hehe!) *shaky voice* 'I'm not' as she wiped away the tears. Thing is, I felt guilty because she had to grow up fast in like a few hours, she went from being the baby of the family to my absolute knight in shining armour. She would come every day, wheel me to bathroom, wash me, clothe me. Then pick me up and put me on the commode. This was a complete role reversal in the dynamics of our relationship, naturally being the older one I was always the one looking out for her and offering her advice and support. This was something that was going to take some time to adjust to in the beginning. I'd get mad because she'd be doing something wrong and I know how I'd do it but thats irrelevant now because I can't and so I've just got to let her try and do it, she was bound to figure out eventually and she did.

And the great thing about having Kiran around was that she was always always always guaranteed to make me laugh. Although, I wasn't impressed when she refused to get me any more sweets until I started eating hospital food - turned out to be a rouse in the end as she was winding me up. She was aware of how much I didn't like the food there, mostly because I was putting my food orders in with either her and mum at home or gav!

Definitely gone off in a sister appreciation tangent there but I don't care, she's an incredible young woman and I'm exceptionally proud of her :) ...anywaaaaaay, we're packing all my stuff ready to get me transferred. We're sat waiting and waiting and waiting until 4 hours later the ambulance transport has arrived...on the way to West Park ay it!!!!!

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  1. Hi!
    I just wanted to say how amazing this blog is.
    I currently have high blood pressure (it is over 200) and the GP has informed me i am at risk of having a stroke (yet they aren't giving me anything to help my blood pressure. Grr!)
    I am 22 and it has really opened my eyes to how extreme a stroke can be. My aunt also just had a stroke on christmas day and is paralyzed on her left side.
    I wish you all the best for the future and thanks again for writing about your experience.