Friday, 18 January 2013

My first (assisted) steps...

So, after being upgraded to the Sam Hall Turner for transfers I was asked by my physio how’d I’d feel about trying to walk. I didn’t hesitate in giving my answer ‘YES PLEASE’ I said joyfully. This was about to be the best day ever for me. So, with one physio supporting my ribs, another facilitating my left leg, one holding my hips in place, another keeping my shoulder and arm upright and the other supporting my back, with all 5 of them and me I was walking. I mean yeah, in the grand scheme of things it probably wasn’t that major, but for me at the time it was that glimmer of hope I needed to get me through, because I was very aware of the challenges I was going to have to face to lose those 5 bodies of support to eventually be able to do i t myself. BUTTTT, at least it was achievable and a lot more sooner than the suspect 12 weeks before I could walk prediction from docs. All the student nurses and nurses on the ward rushed down the corridor to see me. ‘Go on Sand, keep going’ they said, and I had the biggest smile on my face, it was unreal :) Naturally, the first thing I did was tweet this, but to finally be able to say I took some steps was so surreal!

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