Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The Exceptionally Good and The Not So Good!!!

Physio went well again today, this time focusing some more on getting some movement out of the hand and although their wasn't any voluntary movement there, the flickers were certainly visible. A great sign indeed :) Although, I was incredibly tired today and physio's were noticing my concentration was lapsing throughout, so decided it was best the cut the session short to allow me to recoup for the next session. Got to say I was a little bit relieved because I was feeling unbelievably exhausted, my hair was falling out lots too (Stupid Warfarin side-effects).

Got back from my physio though, to find that the two student nurses; Danielle and Stephanie had cleaned my bed area and tidied up all my magazines, put my fruit in a bowl, neatly put out all my cards, fixed my balloons, made my sweets more reachable for me :)

I was so touched by this selfless act, they had gone out of their way to do something nice for me when they could've just had their breaks, I was completely shell-shocked and equally thankful that they valued me as a patient. I feel that the student nurses in particular (Danielle, Laura & Stephanie) were far more understanding as health care professionals (in training obvs) they added that personal touch that so few can manage to do naturally. They were frank with me and understood my frustrations of my age and being on that ward but they would always manage to encourage me to focus on the positives, whether that be the improvements I was making in physio or my amazing boyfriend, mum, sister and friends, or about looking forward to what things I wanted to do when I was able to do so. They all managed to have this ability to get me out of a miserable mood and were always willing to spare time if I ever wanted to just talk. I found it remarkable how excellent their nursing care was, especially given the fact they were 1st year undergrads (I've taught first year undergrads and they can be rather immature) and their ages (all 2 years younger than me).

They were an incredible and valued part of the team, much better than a few of the other staff. One incident, I had been wheeled to the toilet by two healthcare asst/nurses, they then seated me on an unclean toilet seat. I then was left, and so in an attempt to try and balance myself to be able to reach the sink to clean the toilet before using it, I fell to the ground. I'd been left in there for around 10 minutes, I had bashed the door with a broom in there, I pleaded for help but was left there all alone. And after finally feeling postive about my recovery, I was left feeling demoralised and worthless, all because these two members of staff deemed it acceptable to seat me on this digusting toilet. I was so fucking angry, one that I couldn't get up and sort this whole fiasco out myself and secondly because I could hear those two feckless incompetent morons chatting away as if they hadn't a care in the world. Then when they finally did come in to get me, they told me I should've asked them to clean it instead of trying to do it myself when it was clear I couldn't. Suffice to say a few choice words were constructed, 'Well, I didn't think you'd need telling since you had eyes and were aware of the state of it'. However, I won't let the moronic behaviour of few cast a bad shadow on the others that were absolutely phenomenal on the Stroke Ward at New Cross. Special and hearty thanks for looking after me to the following (Bound to forget someone :/)

Student Nurses
Nurses Tracey, Indra, Charlotte, Emma, Samantha, Rebecca, Loveness & Ram
Physios Laura, Michaela, Sarah, Lucas, Denise
Dr Liz, Dr Fotherby (Can't remember the name of another great doctor, but she was great too)


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